7 Infrared Thermometers for Instant Fever Detection & Coronavirus Infection Control
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7 Infrared Thermometers for Instant Fever Detection & Coronavirus Infection Control

Over 140 million Chinese people are concerned about the coronavirus outbreak now. Their body temperature must be checked each time they enter the company, metro station, apartment, etc. As you know, there are hundreds of them from time to time. How is it impossible to detect the fever within just 1 second?

It turns out that the staff is equipped with infrared thermometers. Although they differ quite a lot in the appearance, their functions are nearly the same:

1. All have a large display for you to check the temperature measurement without the slightest difficulty;

2. You can know the forehead/ear temperature in a second;

3. The infrared thermometer allows you to convert the unit between Fahrenheit and Celsius;

4. The infrared thermometer can give out alarms in case of fever;

5. The infrared thermometer can save tens of group of data for tracking the development of the fever;

6. The infrared thermometer can automatically shut down when not in use.

These seven infrared thermometers are the best-selling on Gearbest that are of high quality. You might as well check them out and prepare one just in case.

KONKA AET - R1B6 Children Infrared Non-contact Forehead Thermometer



iHealth Digital Infrared Thermometer Baby thermometer From Xiaomi Youpin



Surcom PC868 Non-contact Infrared Thermometer



Simple Non-contact Infrared Thermometer



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